Friday, October 16, 2009

Last year's Free Press Marathon

7:19 AM Fanfare for the Common Man
3:28 Eugene Ormandy Copland: Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid & Others
This was the start music it was perfect for the slow start. I remember the count down: 5...4...3...2….1….Siren. Then you just stood there. And 40 seconds would pass and would you take a step or two. Then you’d stand and eventually take another step. Finally, after minutes of waiting, up ahead you could see the furthest people’s heads begin to bounce. Then the bounce would slowly progress through the crowds towards you and then envelop you and my head began to bounce.

Too bad the song was too short. I was loving it.

7:25 AM Lose Yourself
5:32 Eminem 8 Mile Soundtrack
Great follow-up song. Get pumped for your one shot, your one opportunity. dont let this moment pass you give it your all. I have been thinking that Obama must feel this way before each debate. It reminds me of a t-shirt I saw today:

“it's not what lies ahead or what lies behind. 
The only thing important is what lies within us.”

7:32 AM Blue Sky
5:11 The Allman Brothers Band Eat a Peach 

Interesting pick. It worked out okay. I was listening to this when I passed Tiger Stadium

7:38 AM Cellophane
3:37 Amanda Ghost Ghost Stories

7:42 AM My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
3:48 Neil Young Young, Neil (Rust Never Sleeps)
Running through southwest detroit on the way to the bridge. Its 
still dark out.

7:46 AM We Are
4:02 Vertical Horizon Everything you Want

7:49 AM Shake That Sh** (Radio Edit) 
3:44 Shawnna & Ludacris Shake That Sh**
This came on as I was running toward the bridge. It was the greatest visual. I could see a continuous mass of bodies running up the road and wrapping onto the bridge and could see thousands of runners bouncing along on the bridge.

7:53 AM Lift Me Up
3:21 Moby Hotel
This came on as I climbed up onto the bridge. My funny joke as we passed the duty free shop, “Hey guys I’m just gonna run inside and pick up a pack of smokes, anybody need anything?” Of coarse since everybody was listening to iPods no one heard me. I accidentally forwarded this song when it was two-thirds done. I was trying to check my pace. Too bad.

7:57 AM King Without a Crown
4:49 Matisyahu Live At Stubb's

On the bridge. The construction narrowed our running lane to a single lane. It got so slow that we sometimes had to walk. While this was happening an 18 wheeler was going our direction in one of the two lanes reserved for traffic. Nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning. This is a great song, totally pumped me up.

8:02 AM A Horse With No Name
4:08 America History -America's Greatest Hits
The view from the bridge was great with the sun rising over Windsor. The sun rise was red and yellow and orange. I also had a perfect view of Belle Isle.

8:04 AM The Geeks Get the Girls 
2:50 American Hi-Fi The Geeks Get the Girls
Love this song. Listened to this as we ran off the bridge into Canada. They had an announcer at the bridge who was telling everyone that since the exchange rate was so good in Canada we would run 50% faster, and not to worry about getting injured because Canada has universal health care.

8:09 AM Track 19 Movie

8:13 AM Close My Eyes
4:25 Matisyahu Live At Stubb's
Running toward the water in Windsor

8:20 AM Prime Audio Soup
6:17 Meat Beat Manifesto The Matrix
All along the water. Beautiful apartments with vacancies.

8:29 AM Call To Arms
5:05 Angels and Airwaves I-Empire
This song didn’t work for me and I skipped it forward. Strange as I listen to it now and seems perfect. When the song first started I thought it would be the Such Great Heights by the Postal Service.

8:33 AM Peter Gunn Theme
3:49 Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers
Everyone loves the Blues Brothers. I was listening to this as we turned off the water to run for the tunnel entrance.

8:35 AM Macworld 2002 Sound
1:54 Maxen Macworld SF 2002 Soundtrack
A little Steve Jobs is always a great lift. This is the first Macworld Keynote after the introduction of the iPod. Before it was on windows, before the iTunes Music Store, before the Mini, shuffle or any other iPod variant. I love this line “iMac, iBook, iPod, get it?”

8:37 AM Spirits In The Material World
2:59 Police, The Every Breath You Take
This came on just I was descending into the tunnel. The etherial sound perfectly matched the mood of the tunnel. The tunnel, by the way totally cool. A little warm, loud and a little smelly, but not claustrophobic. The ceiling is really high. It is a touch narrow and people compacted up a little.

8:42 AM Hymm 
3:18 Moby Everything is Wrong

8:45 AM Tubular Bells
3:00 Book of Love Lullaby
Listened to this as I came out of the tunnel. It was so cool. The temperature drops about 15 degrees and it is so bright. Then after you get out of the maze and onto Jefferson the road is lined with hundreds of people. This was definitely the most densely populated cheering sight that I saw. I was great.

8:50 AM Dakota
5:00 Stereophonics Dakota - Single
Running by Cobo, back down to the river.

8:54 AM In A Big Country 
4:45 Big Country The Crossing
Running by River Front Apartments. This is where I crossed the 10 mile mark, as far as I had ever run! The rest of the trip was on guts.

8:57 AM I Want Candy
2:45 Bow Wow Wow The Best of Bow Wow Wow
Running north away from the river. This song didn’t do it for me so much.

9:01 AM Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
3:25 Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers
Cruising through Cork Town. What a pleasant little neighborhood. Lots of interesting houses and restaurants. Didn’t go by Nancy Whiskey. Nice view of Motor City Casino.

9:04 AM West End Girls
3:59 Petshop Boys Discography

9:12 AM Clubbed To Death
7:26 Rob D The Matrix Soundtrack
I remember thinking when this song came on that it would take me almost to the end. I love long songs. Cruised most of mile listening to this and it left me about to go back into Downtown for the home stretch.

9:14 AM Song 2
2:01 Blur Blur
Passing the 12 mile mark I remember smiling thinking that “I’m going to do it!”

9:17 AM Details of the War
3:30 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The coarse splits and the half marathoners go left and the marathoners cruise right. I wished all the Marathoners good luck as I turned toward the end.

It's Been Awhile 
4:26 Staind Break the Cycle Rock
This comes on as I was sprinting the final 512 feet down Woodward screamin “Let’s close this f*cker out.”

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