Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank you RunKeeper for 2.0

What a great update.

The guts of RunKeeper having been getting better and better with each point release during RunKeeper 1.0-1.4 but the user interface has been getting cruftier and crudtier with each added feature. The interface was starting to get in the way of using the new features. 2.0 reworks the interface to make it beautiful, useful and streamlined. I can now take a picture with a couple of taps (one of them being the shutter), I can see my mile splits during a run, the map is way cooler and more responsive, I can more easily set the training work-out and what music I want to listen to. Solid release. This program keeps getting better.

Getting started. Super easy to select music and interval style from the start screen:

The information provided during the run is split intelligently across three intuitive screens: Map, Splits and Pace. Splits were previously available only on the web after the run. You just swipe side-to-side to move from splits to map to current and average pace. Also new is calories burned. Previously this was just available on the web. One of my favorite features is that the camera is available from all three screens.

 I used the 2.0 update for the first time on this 10 miler:

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