Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009: The year in Running

Looking at the dots, representing individual runs, it's interesting how the long training runs just pop right out when they rise above the morass of 5-10 mile runs.

Looking at the blue line, it's remarkable how consistant the running is from about April through November.

Here is a nomogram giving a picture of how frequent different distances are:

My average distance was 6.53 miles with a median distance of 6.22 miles.

My favorite days to run are Sunday and Tuesday, with Sunday logging an average of one more mile.

These graphs were generated in Excel from the run data I exported my DabbleDB database.

Its too bad that neither RunKeeper nor Nike+ provides such overview data and neither allow you to export the raw data. I am forced to keep a parallel tracking system like DabbleDB. What a hassle.

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