Monday, January 3, 2011

Three miles a day for 2010 is done.

I ran with Nak and the rest of the Run Detroit posse on January 31st to complete The Goal.

Gary and crossed the finish 1 and 2 in 27 minutes and then I circled around to pick up Bo and run another couple of kilometers.

Final numbers:

  • 1097.17 miles
  • 187 runs
  • 5.9 miles per run
  • 15.6 runs per month

I was cruising through the goal until October and November when getting ready for my talk at the ASN Renal Week crushed me.

I had to come back with my fourth 100-mile month ever (Dec '08, Aug '09, Aug '10 and Dec '10) to cross the finish line with 2 miles to spare.

Here is how the year stacked up against the goal:

The nomogram of run distance stacks up like this: 

6-8 miles is the sweet spot, just like last year:

So after three years, the running odometer looks like this:

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