Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Medium mid-week run

I think I'm going to train with four runs a week. Two of the runs (monday/tuesday and thursday/friday) will be short runs from 5 to 6 miles. Then I'll do a medium run of 7-10 miles mid-week and the long run on the week-end. So the rhythm will be:


Some weeks I will not get one of those rest days.

Tonight, IntervalTimer failed. I think it was because I updated the phone to 3.0. I pulled out RunKeeper Pro as a back-up. It worked really well. They have a voice which announces the elapsed time every five minutes. On every five-minute chime I would start walking and use the Nano to time one minute. Then I would run until the next 5 minute interval. So run four minutes and walk one. Not as easy as IntervalTimer but it worked pretty well. Hopefully I will get IntervalTimer to start working again.

Here is the RunKeeper record:

Blink is getting better. Tonight I heard about:
  • Kenna and bought the album on iTunes when I got home
  • Milenium Challenge 2002 principly the 2.0 version where the ships were refloated
  • Pepsi Challenge and New Coke
  • Amadou Diallo

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