Sunday, July 12, 2009

long run: 14.2 miles

I ran a 14er yesterday. That is the longest run I ever did. This longest run triggered a recording of Lance Armstrong on my Nike+ system congratulating me. Very topical since I am watching the Tour De France on Vs.

This was the first time I went over 10 miles with out the hulabaloo of a race. It went fine. I was worried that with out the adrenalin of a race I would be bored. The run was great though the last two miles were a bear. I was really strong through ten though so my concearns of last week are partly relieved I feel that ten miles if not quite routine is pretty close to routine. Making progress. I'll go for another 13-14er in two weeks.

RunKeeper did a nice job until near the end. Note the straight line to the finish which is a couple of miles to the west of my home.

I finished Freakonomics on the run. The last chapter on baby names was the worst chapter I have listened to in any of my books on tape. For the record, the best chapter I have listened to was the chapter on Jewish lawyers in Outliers.

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