Saturday, July 4, 2009

New version of RunKeeper Pro

RunKeeper Pro is the paid version of RunKeeper. I downloaded RunKeeper as soon as it went from a paid to a free application. I had been a long time user of Nike+ but really wanted something a little more in depth and was frustrated by having my running data held hostage behind a wall of corporate Flash. Unfortunately, I didn't find the original RunKeeper very reliable. I remember it recording one run that "started" 14 miles from where I actually began my run. It quickly became one of the unused icons in the backwaters of my iPhone.

With my recent adoption of Run-Walk I needed new functionality from the iPhone. Nike+ does not offer interval prompts. I have been using IntervalTimer and it works great. They recently went to 2.0 and the program is much better looking for the change (update: IntervalTimer 2.0 crashed when I tried to use it last night, not sure if I just need to restart my iPhone or if there is a larger program with the 2.0 implementation).

The most recent version of RunKeeper Pro (i.e. the $9.99 version) has an interval/training feature and its really great. When you launch the application you see a new icon called training. That opens up to a panel of different training protocols:Tapping on a workout selects it. You can edit the existing protocols or create your own:
Intervals can be defined by distance or time and you can set up your protocol to repeat or just end after running through itonce. You have three different choices regarding intensity:
While you run, a pleasant female voice prompts you to go from interval to interval. She tells you the duration of the upcoming interval and the intensity. She also comes on at intervals to tell you how far you've gone, how long, and at what pace.

It all worked great. Additionally RunKeeper seems more accurate and has a feature that allows you to map your workout while you run. This has come in handy as my runs get longer and I find myself in more unfamiliar neighborhoods. The primary problem left is in Apple's court to fix. RunKeeper needs to run in the background so I can fiddle with my iPod and answer the phone without forcing the program to pause data collection. Some uses of background processes is not corrected by the recently introduced Push notification system.

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