Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another 14 miler

Fell off my schedule last week as I had a chapter due. Turned out okay. I also went with Simon to the Monster Truck show in Toledo the last week-end in July and went camping (and stupidly forgot my kicks) the first week-end in August.

Got home from camping and set up the tents, unpacked the truck and set off on a long one.

First I ran to Somerset via Beaumont. Long stretch on Coolidge, essentially took coolidge from 12 mile to 16 mile. Went in to the Apple store and bought the new microphone headphones. Sweet. Then to Starbucks for a smoothie and a bottle of water. Used the water to refill my CamelBack. I am all out of Goo hence the smoothie.

I ultimately outlasted the batteries in both my iPhone (shut down after 13 miles) and my Nano (shut down after 9.73 miles).

I liked the preview of the Haldeman story the Hemmingway Fraude. Finished Camouflage.

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