Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dr. Spitz agrees with me: Poison

This just in from WXYZ an update on the Detroit Free Press Marathon deaths. Dr. Spitz, of President Kennedy autopsy fame, weighs in on the potential causes of deaths. The money quotation:

Dr. Werner Spitz: “It raises big questions about something that may connect the three cases that needs to be ruled out as soon as possible for fear that there may be other people who may suffer from same thing.”

What Dr. Spitz does not believe is that the runners contracted an illness from one another.

Dr. Spitz: “Highly, highly unlikely. You need time for that to develop. You need time for the disease to take hold of the certain areas of the body, especially the heart muscle.”

He is not officially involved in the case. But based on what has been reported so far, he speculates that their deaths could be the result of poisoning—accidental or intentional.

Spitz: “Maybe they all ate the same cookie that had something in it, or who knows. That is why it is so important to hurry up and do it.” 

 Like I said, "Someone poisoned the water hole!"

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