Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two great runs in Canada

The first one was in Montreal. On the first day cathy and I rented Bixi's and rode from our hotel to Mount Royal

The ride was in heavy traffic and uphill. The whole way was uphill. Including two really steep blocks that were killer.

We ended up both burning out and running out of daylight so we only got to spend only a few miles in Parc Mont-Royal.

Here is the end of our bike ride:

The next day Cathy stayed at the hotel to study for the LSATs and I went for a run. I ran right back to the park. For the first 3 miles I climbded 600 feet to the top of Mont-Royal.

On the way to the park I passed this delightful Nissan Figaro.

I then started running through the woods on these great trails. Unfortunately, I ran out of light. The total run was a wonderful 8 mile run.

The next day we rented a car and drove to Quebec City. Super cool European Gem. Its a walled city, right out of the Middle Ages. Our second day in Quebec it started misting late in the day and I found a couple of hours before dinner to get out for a 4 miler. It was great. Again I was running in the dark and it was a little wet but running around cobble stones, cliffs and old walls was awesome.

This was another  run on hills I never see around here. I did a 200 foot climb and then a 400 foot descent and concluded with a 200 foot climb.

Industry on the St Laurence River

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